Project Activate is a new way to build locally-owned solutions with your neighbors.

Using small Activation Teams, team members will listen to community needs, develop ideas, and ACTIVATE ways to create neighborhoods where everyone belongs.

Think you're a good fit? We agree.

Are you deeply committed to working together with your friends and neighbors to build a stronger community? Submit to be part of the first Activate Teams! We’re now recruiting for Activate Teams located in SouthEast Lancaster City and Paradise PA.

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Everyone has hopes for their community. What if there was a way to turn those hopes into action and create locally-owned solutions with your neighbors? Project Activate trains, engages, and supports teams of residents to respond to community ideas and build new ones. 

Project Activate will work best with people who care about their neighborhood and want to partner with neighbors to build solutions. If you live in, work in, or care about SouthEast Lancaster or Paradise, PA then we want to hear from you! 

Project Activate will kick off in late August of 2019, and will continue into early 2020. Activate Team members will be compensated for their efforts throughout the project!

What is it?

Everyone has hopes for their community: what are yours?

Project Activate engages community members in neighborhoods across Lancaster County to bring ideas to life, create local solutions, and build a more inclusive community.  Using a small team of community members, Project Activate turns neighborhood ideas into real world solutions.

How it works:

A small team with a big impact.

Project Activate will bring together teams of community members to undergo training in ways to listen to their community, collect many different viewpoints and insights, and create local solutions.

Using your local knowledge, Project Activate will work side by side with neighbors to explore new ideas and build on concepts to create community-owned and led projects.  

At the end of the process, with support from the Lancaster County Community Foundation, teams will begin turning their ideas into action to engage their neighborhoods and create a more inclusive community.

Questions? Ideas? Concerns?

Project Activate is an initiative of

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