This concept is a culture fest that celebrates the diverse experiences of cultures within the South East

It enables residents to experience multiculturalism in South East Lancaster.

This concept is an internship program and bank that connects SE residents and students with hands-on training and job opportunities.

It enables residents to access information and counseling to pursue new opportunities in order to gain real-world work experience.

This concept is a platform for SE residents to be heard, that allows them to share information to be printed in a newspaper.

It enables residents to control the narrative in SE including stories, activities, happenings in the neighborhoods.

This concept is a community appreciation experience that shows recognition to residents for their contributions to the community.

It enables residents to feel appreciated, motivated to contribute, and engage with their community.

This concept is a giving circle that financially benefits the South East community. It is resident-owned and globally supported. 

It enables residents to access community directed capital.

This concept is a training center in South East that provides classes in communications, writing editing, and public speaking. 

It enables SE residents to obtain skills and be prepared for careers in the media.

Additional Southeast Concepts

Diverse Schools Initiative:

providing interactive opportunities for diversity, equity and inclusion, anti-racism and implicit bias training.

Creative Connection of Southeast:

a shared creative space that offers materials, equipment, and entrepreneurial support to Southeast residents.

Teacher School Family Initiative: 

connecting teachers, families and students together in an authentic way through formal and informal meet-ups.

Paradise Team Pilots

This concept is a community building that allows people to gather in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

It enables residents to gather and connect. It gives all community groups, from elementary students to seniors a place to go and socialize with others.

This concept is a plan of action that connects seniors in need of maintenance services, and students who want to provide them, as frequently as needed.

It enables residents to feel connected to–and supported by–the community.

This concept is a group that meets regularly to discuss access to resources, share information, and create partnerships to develop and discuss ideas to create affordable housing for Paradise.

It enables residents to benefit from organizational collaboration and gain a voice in affordable housing issues.

Additional Paradise concepts:

Intergenerational Gatherings: a series of events esi

Digital Events Billboard

The Gold Standard

Paradise Online Community

Builder’s Barnraising

Paradise Welcome Committee